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Never before has a movie made me go D: so much. That was seriously my face for about 65% of the movie. There was the disease, the flying parts, the people eating people, the exploding heads... and let's not forget the decapitated rebel bushperson chick propped up in the rebel bushperson dude's car. That was a special kind of... something. I mean, I was so distracted by the gross that I can't even tell if I liked the movie or not.

It was an interesting concept, especially with the rivaling rebel bushpeople and Medieval Times wannabes. The fight between the eyeless chick and the suit of armor guy was pretty cool, right?

I guess it really beats other disease!survivor movies on the subject of grossness on a severely epic level. Not even close to predictable past the knowledge that most of the team would die and that she would screw the guy over at the end because who fucking thinks if cannibal bushpeople versus horse-riding, bow and arrow-toting knights?
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