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New Layout

Made a new layout for myself again. I've been making these less and less lately. It's been almost three months since my last layout change.

Anyway, it's Prince and Roy from Suikoden V this time around. I figured, my LJ username is from the Suikoden series, so why not have a Suikoden layout just once. That and I was looking for something to make an icon of for an icontest and found myself in the Suikoden V folder. Whatever the reason, my boys are in the layout.

This chatlog sums it up pretty well:
Poncho De Panda: It's very very AMAZING!!!!!
Degac Creep: mostly because of Roy
Poncho De Panda: Yes yes.

And for the first time since I started doing my own layouts, there are no lyrics on the layout. The first go at the layout had some but when PSP destroyed itself mid-layout, I decided to leave them out the second time around. The lyrics were from "X Amount of Words" by Blue October, though.
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