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I've revised my Webkinz want list now that I don't have any groups to finish. I really lead such a sad life.

- Bengal Tiger
I think that this, another jungle feline, would make an awesome Lily. I don't have any female Webkinz so far and it might be weird to get used to, but she would look so cute with James. I swear I'm not lame.

- Duck
It's just so cute. Look at the cheeks. I would name him Anatidae.

- Penguin
Again with the cute. Following the same example as the duck, I would name him Spheniscidae. I think if I got one, then I'd have to get the other.

- Tiger Snake
I just like that he can't wear pants. I would call him Kaa, because I'm a Disney freak.

- Turtle
I would name him Pancake after the African pancake tortoise. I'm thinking now, by this point, maybe the Harry Potter names aren't as lame as I can get.
Tags: imagery, kinzstuff
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