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Charcoal cat

So we stopped at the Velvet Goose on the way back from the BJ store on Saturday because my mother wanted to get a new Webkinz and I saw the Charcoal Cat, which I've been wanting for a long while now... pretty much since it came out because I already had Remus, Sirius and James and I thought, what better for Peter than a grey cat? And Anjulie was getting me one, but she turned into a super cunt so I was like, screw Anjulie, I'll get my own god-damned Charcoal Cat.

So I did.

And I named him Peter, just like I'd planned. So now I have all the Marauders and that pleases me.

I have real life pictures of him on my camera but I'm thinking I'll clean that out tomorrow.
Tags: imagery, kinzstuff
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