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The rage builds

If Danny Noriega fell off the face of the planet right now, not only would I be happy, but I would throw a party. Everyone would be invited. I would make lots of pie and play loud music. Yay.

I wish there was a way to vote against someone. I would be up all night. Or until they told me I have to stop.

His fans obviously wouldn't know talent if it bit them in the ass.

You know who is awesome compared to Danny? Yunho. Yes, Yunho. With his... uh... well I'm sure there's some good qualities his fans could list. Something to do with dancing, I'm sure. And like... good looks? Whatever. I made my point.

If I didn't love Jason Castro so much, I would stop watching this show.

AH! How did he even get on this show!? They didn't take Josiah, but this lame-ass got in the top 24? How does that even make any sense? Sure, yeah, Josiah was a big ol' crybaby, but at least he could sing and wasn't annoying as fuck. Now I know why I don't get into this show ever.
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