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Took some time off the interwebs this morning and took out Chaos and Gilgamesh in FFXII. I'm gonna have to give this one to Gilgamesh because, well, he's fucking awesome. In comparison, Chaos was a pussy. I mean, even the fact that you can't use the attack command wasn't so hard to deal with. That's what Souleater and Telekinesis are for, der. I didn't even die at all during the fight with Chaos except I think Reddas might have bit it once or twice but he's a pussy loser, anyway, so who cares?

Gilgamesh on the other hand. Wow. I was putting him off until I was sure I could beat him and there was never any real danger of losing, seeing as I never changed it off the three characters I walked in there with, but I went into the battle with 97 phoenix downs and left with 22, so that's a good way to describe just went down during the second part of the fight. There was a lot of dying. Over and over. It's a really good thing that I don't rely on status boosting spells because that would have screwed me over something nasty. Except I had bubble belts on Balthier and Penelo, but that's default by now. I loved how Gilgamesh looked, too. He was always a favorite of mine from the other games, but he was really something else in XII. I loved the familiarity of the swords and his special moves just kicked ass. And it was funny. It was pretty much the best part of the game. If I could replay one part, that would be it. Kind of wish I had a separate save file for it.

But seriously, they should have made the optional espers more difficult. The only one so far (and this includes the storyline ones, too) that I found difficult at all was Adrammelech, and that was only because I went down there WAY too early. Like pretty much as soon as I could access the area, I ran through it to fight him and got my ass handed to me hard. Zeromus was a little annoying because I pretty much rely on magic, but not hard. It's too hard to get to the last two on my level, so I'm going to have to wait for now. I will do it, though.
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