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We have a problem

Degac Creep: omg did you see his nipples?
Degac Creep: there is like three full seconds of Kangin nipples in his new show
zzangbanghulweh: omg what
zzangbanghulweh: show me
Degac Creep:
zzangbanghulweh: when are his nipples?
Degac Creep: at like 3:30
zzangbanghulweh: ok omg
zzangbanghulweh: load faster
Degac Creep: hahaha
Degac Creep: I like
Degac Creep: as soon as I saw them I said something to you, haha
Degac Creep: I know you're as bad as me about them
zzangbanghulweh: oh yes
zzangbanghulweh: ohhh yes
Degac Creep: btw that question would have been awkward anywhere else
Degac Creep: "when are his nipples"
zzangbanghulweh: HAHAHA YES
zzangbanghulweh: OMG LOOK
zzangbanghulweh: HIS NIPPLES
Degac Creep: I KNOW
Degac Creep: ITS AMAZING
zzangbanghulweh: LETS REPEAT
Degac Creep: I DID A FEW TIMES
zzangbanghulweh: OMG
zzangbanghulweh: LOOK
zzangbanghulweh: HIS NIPPLES
Degac Creep: I KNOW
zzangbanghulweh: LIZ
zzangbanghulweh: NIPPLES
Degac Creep: I KNOW
Degac Creep: I SAW
Tags: ok we can!, the logs of chat
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