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Yes, again. I take a lot of pictures, okay? 29 this time. Mostly kitties and outdoor shots, as usual, but there's two of Liz, one each of Andrea, Jen and Jason, and some for evidence of my gaming nerdiness.

Jen being lazy

Jason. I'm pretty sure he was playing Silent Hill 4. Well I should say we were playing because he just walks around and shoots things and me and Andrea tell him where to go and what to do because we're awesome that way.

Homestar Runner while I was cleaning sometime last week... or maybe the week before.

Really just taken for evidence that cats can get close to Little Bit without her killing them in the face.


On the highway to the BJ store. I drive my mother crazy putting the window down in the middle of winter to take tree pictures.

Where I game. I have really no definite answer as to why the rug is discolored, but I suspect it has something to do with Charlotte and her weirdness with paint.

The new chair. Yes, the old gaming chair is gone. It's okay, though, this one is more comfortable.

Someone is a cheater cheater.

The view from the chair.

The games. Not pictured here are Suikoden V and Shadow of the Colossus because Andrea is still borrowing them, my three copies of Final Fantasy XII because they're on the floor somewhere (three because it's like Tom's job in life to ruin every copy I get of it), and Siren because I just got it the other day. Tom's games are not pictured either, because I don't want his games near mine.

Lulu on my bed.

There's a lot of awesome going on in this picture.

Tom messing around on Gaia. Apparently, he RPs. Who knew?

My baby Grey.

Messing around on the ladder that crippled him as a child.

Baby Lu being a super cutie.

This is like my favorite game to play with her. I'll pet her on the cat tree, then run around the corner and she almost always pokes her little Lu head around to see where I went.

There's a hole in the gutter.

My daddy taking a sledge hammer to the front walkway.

Someone is getting super puffy~

Good times in the Dollar Tree.

Disposing of the old gaming chair.

My mother wanted a picture of my father watching it burn. I don't know why.

The spot as of this morning.

And that's it~
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