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Purple Ass

Watched it.

The best parts are when Junsu is dancing in front instead of Lame-Ho.

Though the creepy chipmunk rap is great to watch if only because it gives me a good laugh.

And it's true. I almost feel bad for Lame-Ho and how bad he got screwed with the choreography. I understand they wanted to display his uh... his uhm. <.< What do you call that? That thing that Woo Hyuk does like fourteen thousand times better. Oh right, dancing. I understand they're still trying to push him as the dancer, but I stand firm. Junsu is a better dancer. It's about actual talent and variety, not the same three moves over and over.

And Junsu's sexier. When did that happen? I mean, I understand that I've been out of the Dong Bang loop for some time but one man can't change that much in seven months. Or is it eight. I'm actually not counting, but I can go back and look if it's really important because I believe I made a post about leaving the fandom.

Anyway. More importantly. Kitty is amazing. He's always been amazing but people don't give him enough credit. I mean, my love for Changmin is one of the only things that survived the Dong Bang purge. That and my JaeMin folder. But let's not go there.

Point is, this song is ass with a side of testicles. But I already knew that.

Unfortunately I can't support my previous claim of this song being worse than Haengass. At least I've seen this MV where I've never seen the MV for Haengbok, and have no desire to.
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