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I cleaned out my camera again. 52 pictures were reduced to 35 (not on purpose but I know you won't believe me), mostly because those other ones were random odd pictures of Andrea or George or my cats and I didn't want to look like a stalker freak or something. I can't help that I have nothing in my life to take pictures of except lesbians, cool dudes and kitties.

So pictures.

Yes, it's the time of year again when I take random sunrise pictures. I can't help that I'm a freak and awake at 5:30 in the morning.

My baby~ He's really not getting any bigger and it's starting to concern me. I want him to grow up all big and huge so he can destroy his brothers.

One of the random Andrea pictures that survived the purge.


Some random crap on Andrea's table, including some nasty ass frozen yogurt her ex tried to kill me with.

Someone's sexy phone. With Kitty charms~

Sibs. These two are always caught napping in random places.

It's a hat thing.

I like to call her Charlame or Charlass. Cause it's funny. In case you haven't been watching my journal long, This is my sister Charlotte. I mean Charlass.

The resemblance is uncanny.

This picture is great because Homestar Runner (left) is usually beating Sassy when they're near each other. This is why Grey needs to grow big and huge and beat his brother up. But yeah, Homestar Runner is inside for the winter because he had tapeworm. You can see there where they shaved his belly because he tore it open.

And he's fat.

And unamused.


I clearly look more awesome in this hat than she does, though the only picture I have of me in it is the one I took with my phone in the store so I could check if I looked good enough in it to buy it. I'm not sharing that one, though.

Another random Andrea picture at Job Corps when we went to pick up Steph.

George. We found him at Job Corps and he was without a doubt the best part of the trip.

Random asian chick with a guitar that Andrea was hot for. The guitar. Not the chick.

A picture that would have been awesome if Steph hadn't ruined it with her ugly.


This is scary. Again, if you don't know my family, that's my sister Stephanie in the front... and that's her "girlfriend" on the left (because everyone and their mother knows Steph is one of those fake gays and I feel bad for the "girlfriend" because she's just leading her on). We tried to ask George what the fuck Steph was smoking when she made that choice, but he drew a blank and told us he had no defense for that dumbfuckery.

More George.

Andrea's reaction to Steph and The Beast making out in public.

More George.

Kept it because it goes with the next picture.

Heh heh heh.

Saturday morning after the ice storm. My mother and I were on our way to the BJ store and she seriously stopped twice along our street so I could take these pictures.

Another frozen tree.

My younger sisters at Steph's apartment when we all went to visit her for the twins' birthday.

Thomas (the other twin) and Kyle (not related). Kyle brought that soda all the way from the house and god only knows how long he had it before then. He's an odd boy. This picture also prompted Stephanie and her roommates to freak out about how haunted their place was.

I like this picture because I think it's the only picture of the twins together since they were three.

Homestar Runner sleeping.


Monday afternoon outside my place. The fog was intense. Reminded me strongly of Silent Hill.

Yes, I'm leaning out my bedroom window. No, it's not safe.
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