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To candymint, who feels it's a great idea to attack people with other opinions, then delete them before they even have a chance to respond, even though she claims she "loves" them.

Just in case you decide to read this, I'll give you the reality of the situation, and hopefully pop your "omg unicorns" bubble through which you see the world. Plus, I've wanted to say this to you for a long time now. The only thing that kept me from it was I didn't want to hurt your (obviously sensitive) feelings and because I actually care about you as a close friend, despite what you might think.

Strippers, Porn Stars, and Hookers are fucking disgusting. Yes, they're all well and fine on an entertainment level but other than that, they are just nasty. Any person who decides to sell their body as an alternative to an actual job or career because they are either too stupid to get through life like an intelligent person or too lazy to work hard like the rest of the world, is not worth my time getting to know. Sure, you're friends with those sorts of people, but I am absolutely convinced that you could fall under the too stupid category if not for the fact that you have an actual job and are carrying your own weight. Strippers, porn stars and hookers are not, I repeat NOT, "the most interesting people in the world". Want to talk to someone interesting? Talk to someone who invented a device that makes life easier for people with disease to walk or to breathe. Talk to someone who came up with a cure f a disease. Fuck, talk to the manager of your local corner store. These are interesting people who deserve respect. But no, these people aren't worth you talking to because they're not "rebellious" and "cool" and "gay", and they don't get naked and rub their vaginas on everyone.

People who cut and people with "eating disorders" need help, and not because they are depressed. I feel this way because 95% of these people are fake and don't really have a problem and just want attention. They want people to pity them and feel bad for them and to pay attention to them because they're fucking pathetic and have nothing better to do with their lives. The only people I feel bad for are the 5% who actually have a problem and aren't taken seriously because the other 95% are assholes. Actually, I also feel bad for people like you who actually fall for that shit and are suckered into believing these idiots. Example. My sister Charlotte had a "cutting problem". She used to carve pictures of butterflies and plants and band names into her arms and legs so she would "look cool" in school, but told everyone she was depressed and that's why she did it. Do you think she really had a problem? Honestly? I'm sorry, but having to take out the trash is not a reason to be "depressed". Your parents yelling at you is not a reason to be "depressed". Your parents taking away something of yours like a CD player or your phone is not a reason to be "depressed". At least not to the point of actually causing yourself physical harm. I am slightly less sensitive when it comes to the subject of eating disorders, because I've seen first-hand the effects society can have on overweight females and the extremes they'll go to to fit in. Yes, there are better and healthier ways to lose weight and it is truly sad when a woman dies because she won't eat, and I do feel bad for those who can't manage to kick the habit, but, as with cutting, there is a large percentage of women who find it easier to claim they have a disorder and get attention than to put the time in doing something constructive with themselves.

On the subject of sexism, which seems to burn you so hard, you need to open your eyes and take a look around. As a woman, it almost hurts for me to say this, but women will always be considered the weaker sex. Men will always look down on women and they will always get treated better than women because old habits die hard, if they die at all. (I have to note, however, that I do have guy friends who don't think less or more of females, so not all men are like this). As you mentioned it, I should comment on this as well. I have a lot of female musician friends, but I can easily say I have just as many male musician friends who are better at it. The sad truth is, yes, male musicians are better. I have no idea why people think this, and I have no idea why I even think it, because I love women far more than I love men. It just feels right when its a man. I don't doubt for a second that it's a result of being tainted by society's views on things, but I just can't explain it otherwise. No woman is going to like it, but it's true. Women will always be treated like lesser beings. Do you honestly think it's okay for feminists to act like they do, but every time a man says something negative about a woman, they're wrong? That sounds a little ignorant and close-minded on your part, if you ask me.

Don't you ever accuse me of being ignorant again. There is a big difference between being close-minded and being educated. I always look into everything, whether it be with research or personal experience or preference, and I establish an educated opinion. I don't ever just hate something for the sake of hating it. The reason I never explained my views on strippers and cutting is because it is absolutely impossible to have a serious conversation with you. You have this tainted perception of the world that makes it impossible to discuss real problems. And completely forget about actually debating an issue, which is one of my favorite things in the world to do. As soon as I said something you didn't agree with, you would start yelling and whining and the subject was dropped. Even better, when you actually had a serious problem, you never talk to me about it. Every time there was a problem, I heard about it from someone else. How fair do you really think that was? Then you had the nerve to tell me it was my fault? I call bullshit. You have serious communication problems that I advise you work out before you start going around and blaming everyone else for your inability to accept other opinions.

By the way, it is not evil to have a different preference in music than you. Just to point it out, if you're complaining about your favorite groups having no fans, maybe that's a blaring clue that their music isn't very good. It's one thing to like different groups, it's quite another to yell at people for not liking what you do.

You are rude. You feel that any opinion you or your special friends have are the ultimate of importance. You think that you should be treated special because you're a woman and you're gay and you were brought up in a religious family. You think it's okay to act out and dress like you do and fill your face with so much metal that you could take down a boat because it makes you stand out and it makes people pay attention to you, despite your claim of being self-conscious and shy. There is nothing wrong with being an individual or standing out and I will never judge a person on that because I'm an American, and even if it's different in other countries, here, we're allowed to do things like that without consequence. At least you're doing it the right way and aren't slicing yourself open and crying emo tears all over the world for attention. There is, however, something wrong with being a close-minded, attention-seeking hypocrite, which you are. You claim you are open to everything, but you're really not. Nobody is. Everybody has fears or views on certain other groups of people that make them close-minded. And it's clear that you aren't open to anything that contradicts your free, open, gay and hippie lifestyle. Anyone that makes you feel like your way of life is wrong is apparently a bad person and wrong for thinking that. There is no way that everyone is going to love you, just like I know there is no way that everyone is going to love me.

My only advice to you now is that you need to open your eyes. You need to see the world how it really is and you need to stop overreacting to things that make you feel bad about yourself. The truth is, the world is a mean and spiteful place, way worse than I am, and there is no way to get through it by cutting people out of your life if they don't agree with everything you say and do. I'm positive you don't want to talk to me anymore because you've already decided I'm a bad influence on your life, but in truth, I was only trying to help you see things for how they really are. Just know that there are worse people in the world than me and that I can't feel bad for you for making this decision.
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