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I cannot express just how effing sick I am of people judging me on my decision not to get into the new-age female groups. Look. I had my girl group phase. It was me and SES, Papaya, and BabyVOX for a good long time. I just can't get into these lame clone slut groups now. If I look at a group of females and the only way I can tell differences between them is giving them nicknames like "that ugly one", "that one that rubs her cooly on the floor and pretends its dancing" and "that one that shouldn't ever wear any clothes ever because she makes everything look awkward", then that is not a group worth getting into. And any group that needs to rely on the shortest skirts ever made to bring in fans is also not worth it.

Any group whose hit song is only good because of how many parodies are made of it, is not worth getting into.

I don't hate females. The fact that they are girls has nothing to do with it. In addition to the above mentioned female groups, I love Bae Seul Gi, Chaeyeon, Gummy, Ivy, Lexy, Harisu (wait, can I count her?). I'm a lesbian, okay? I DO NOT HATE GIRLS.

And people who are like "oh but you should at least like so-and-so just because she's so cute" should be punched in the face. I don't give a shit how cute your girl group idol is. When she opens her mouth it sounds like someone is drowning a cat. Shit voice cancels out cute, sorry to say.

Liz: ... It sounds like someone is beating her with a fucking tree.


What ever happened to classy girls? Where did they go? Bada are one of the prettiest, classiest, most talented singers ever to grace girl groups, but these new group fans don't even know her name. It's just. So. Painful.

And because it will make me feel better:

So I spent my morning making Bada icons.
I feel a little better.
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