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Decided to empty out my camera again (and only half because there were a few people pushing me to <.<) and this is the result. Pictures of kitties, my Christmas haul, one of me and a handful from New Years.

Baby Grey in my mother's window.

This is one of the coolest things I've ever owned. I like putting all it's personality modes on red and watching it hunt the cats.

I just like this picture. I'm not sure why.

It's Liz in her new pajamas!

Robot again. He's so cute. ^^



My new princess body pillow. My cats love it, too. I love when we get along.

The movie haul. Am I totally pumped that she got me Jet Li movies without being asked? Yes.

Yes, it's a pop-up book. Shush.

Random bag of stocking stuff.

She got me a new fountain, too. So far, the cats haven't tried to get it there on the shelf.
Fountains don't last long in this house.

Christmas cards. Got one from Mica like the day after I took the picture and Amy's got here today.

The game haul. I needed to replace Dark Cloud... or was it that we never owned it and he just stole it from a friend? I don't remember. Point is, Radiata Stories pumps my VG balls and I love it.

All the Webkinz, including James' new robe. ^^

Just the new ones.

Party evidence.

You guys (except for maybe Andrea) have no idea how much this picture wins.

There are a few of these ones floating around, I bet. There were like three of us taking pictures all at the same time. I also learned the hard way that night that it's not wise to say out loud how much you are not a fan of HIM in any social gathering.

That's an ass.

Hey, hey, Andrea. OTP.

This one is kept for the epic level of creepy.

Pretty much the best picture of the evening.

Aaaand Erin after she collapsed laughing.

I think I should get an award for including peoples in this post that are actually my friends and not Andrea. ^^
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