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Two Chatlogs

One with Juice, the other with Kigan.... the femme loves as I call them.
And me oh my, in an LJ cut for your viewing pleasure.
... pleasure being the key word in that situation... and any situation...

Fantaisie Bleu: lol well the current crush thing was a toss up (I don't actually have a crush)
Brute Locke: oh *rejected*
Fantaisie Bleu: your name did come to mind
Fantaisie Bleu: thus you were in the toss
Fantaisie Bleu: K?
Brute Locke: wurd
Fantaisie Bleu: to my mother
Brute Locke: I was a toss up with your mother!?
Fantaisie Bleu: Brute Locke: wurd
Fantaisie Bleu: to my mother
Brute Locke: heh heh
Fantaisie Bleu: k that's just wrong
Brute Locke: oh man
Brute Locke: I feel shtoopid right now
Fantaisie Bleu: it was a legitimate concern

Brute Locke: sheesh Gackt is flexable too... must... resist...
kigan06: dear lord woman!
kigan06: contain yourself!
Brute Locke: HELL IM TRYING!
kigan06: *goes into closet*
kigan06: *comes out wearing an even smaller and skimpier uniform*
kigan06: *blows whistle* no more gackt for you
Brute Locke: *jaw drops* *drool*
Brute Locke: ok, no more Gackt... I ge tit
Brute Locke: get it*
kigan06: *blinks*
Brute Locke: *shakes head* what am I thinkin of eh?
kigan06: lmao
kigan06: well now....
kigan06: *sashays around you*
kigan06: *smirk*
Brute Locke: abbba... abbbba....
Brute Locke: *stares*
Brute Locke: you're gonna hurt someone like that
kigan06: who me? nah...*leans in* no more gackt...
Brute Locke: ok, ok, I get it... he's evil anyway *feelie feelie* oops, my beef
kigan06: *enjoys* anytime...anytime...
kigan06: he's sexy, but evil
Brute Locke: OH MY GOD... hispantsareopenandheskissingaguywaitisthataguyYESITSAGUYohpleaselettherebemoreofthis!
kigan06: ...
Brute Locke: I mean...
kigan06: i got half of that
Brute Locke: thats a bad, evil gackt
kigan06: *glares*
kigan06: *rolls eyes* this calls for drastic measures!
kigan06: *pulls chair out*
kigan06: *stradles you*
Brute Locke: oh, I like this punishment

God I love you femmes.
Marry me?
Both of you?
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