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So me and my sister have been wanting to camp out in the back yard for a few days now... I dunno... maybe it has something to do with our stupid, uncanny ability to do idiotic things during her summer vacation. Anyway, we get the tent set up and moved all of our blankets and stuff out there. I had my huge Kyo bear (visual HERE) and she had her itty Draco bear (no visual for that one) and it was about midnight, maybe fifteen minutes after 12... I don't know, neither of us brought a friggin watch. We decided we were gonna play monopoly (golf edition) and about thirteen minutes into the game (I was winning >.>) something pushed on the back of the tent where I was sitting. I kinda side glanced it before smacking the inside of the tent and sending whatever was out there toppling away from the tent. I looked at my sister who gave me one of those "Please tell me that was a tree branch or something" looks and I just shrugged. I think I was thinking that it was a sibling trying to fuck with us.

So we went on with the game and my sister kept looking at the tent wall with uneasy eyes. Ten or so minutes later, it happened again. Again, I smacked at it and it went away. My sister made the stupid assumption that it was Betsy, the neighbor's dog. But I told it it felt like someone's hand... cause I'm telling you, that's what it was. So she griped silently about it, looking really worried and our flashlight was slowly dimming. Then I started to get really freaked cause I kept hearing twigs snapping in the woods behind the tent. Then the flashlight went out completely and we figured that the game was over anyway (cause I was totally whipping her fucking ass) and so I opened the front flap and looked at her slowly. I whispered "On the count of three, we're gonna book it to the house and get tom to come out here with us with a fricken bat or something while we get our stuff cause there is no way in hell I'm sleeping out here now." So we took off, easily covering the thirty feet to the back stairs, flew up the flight and right through the sliding door. Woo boy, did we fly.

So we grabbed some brooms and went out, ready to defend our little tent if needed, grabbed our stuff and dashed back to the house. Ok, I was acting like a complete pussy but what was I gonna do? I've seen this movie before and I wasn't ready to die... not in a tent... not playing golf edition monopoly.... I mean, we lost the boat... I WAS THE FRIGGIN HAT, FOR GOD'S SAKE! *Cough* Anyway, so we went back inside and we were hanging out on the couch, watching Wild Boyz and my sister says to me, "Beth," she says, "If something comes scratching at the front door, we're moving to California." So lo, about twenty minutes later, there's this scratching at the door. She flies over the coffee table and lands on my lap and stats clinging to me like I'm friggin life support, right... and starts gripping my legs and screaming bloody murder.

I was way way WAY too scared to make a single noise, so naturally, I was staring at my brother who had gone white as a ghost and I'm pretty sure he shat himself. He was up off the floor in seconds when we heard the doorbell ring. My sister continued to screach right in my ear and I think I'm partly deaf now. Then there's knocking and more scratching and I start yelling at my brother to answer it. So he opens the door, broom in hand and there stands my fucking mother, drunk as a skunk, keys in hand mumbling something about not being able to find the key to the front door. I swear if I didn't hate my mother before, I hate her now.

So that was my evening of being a complete pussy. Hope nobody's view of me have changed.

That's enough for now.
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