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What the fuck

I had the weirdest fucking dream last night. No. I'm serious. I have never had a weirder dream than this.

So I was sitting in the parking lot at Stop and Shop (no, it gets weirder) and Tim was there and a whole bunch of people I knew from school and job corps that were total nerds... and we were playing some kind of boat racing game? I don't know. Anyway, so we were playing and these two guys showed up and they started making fun of us about how bad we all sucked in the game and one of them was kicking Tim in the leg, but not really hard, just like... tapping him in the leg. And I was just sitting there like what the fuck is going on here...

So the guys walk away and I looked at Tim like... I know those guys. They were the two guys that Kit likes from that duo japanese something or other... I forget their name but I only really remember them because one of them isn't really all japanese and he totally looks... not asian. Or something. Anyway. It was them. And the one that was kicking Tim was that non asian one. So we all kind of just sat there for a little while, then they came out of Blockbuster and they started hugging all of us? And the squishy really asian one was like "I know he's a jerk, but he's cute, right?" and... it was so awkward.

So thats the winner for weirdest dream ever. Reasons? 1. Tim was in it. 2. We were playing a racing game. 3. On a huge tv in the middle of the stop and shop parking lot. 4. Weird non-asian asian showed up and kicked Tim, then tackle hugged him.

So now I'm gonna go eat or something.
Tags: dreamland
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