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So many pictures, your computer will die

These are a few days worth of pictures. Some were from later last week when it was still rainy out (with like two kitty pictures involved), then some from two days ago when I went over to Andrea's to help out with costumes, but MOST of the pictures are from the "party" last night. Lots of blonde!Liz, mostlydork!Andrea, and other party-goers. ^^

And a dog.

Almost all the leaves are gone.

It was so windy and rainy and cold. I felt bad for the trees.

Helix and myself after running around on the deck.

The flash made the fog really show up. This actually looks really creepy.

Helix and Lulu

Black face, white face

Andrea on the night we went to get Guitar Hero III. This was the "dinner in the car" portion of the evening.

The inside of my sexy car. Note how I decorated for Halloween.


The gopher in Stop and Shop

Love Glove, heh heh.

She couldn't find her tissue box.

Cakes in the custom cake book that we thought looked awesome.

Big fucking cookie.

I don't even know.



Andrea's dog. This is usually how I see him when I'm over there.

The party begins.

The "party" was basically Guitar Hero III, a trip to McDonald's (in costume), and reeses peanut butter cups.

This is pretty much one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

The boy has absolutely no body fat whatsoever and I'm convinced he'd blow away in a strong breeze. Or maybe a light breeze. Depends on what he's holding.

We decided his costume was "a nerd".

And her's was "a cute".

OTP of win

Bored watching Guitar Hero and amusing myself.

This was the view from the couch for most of the evening.

Again, I don't even know.

V. Wait, it gets better.

This one is my favorite.

Or maybe this one.

She got tired of the wig quick, I think.

Someone has cute feet! (and it's Liz)

Andrea on the phone + Guitar Hero = Bored Liz again

I did not realize the nail polish was that bright until I looked these pictures over again.

Andrea, it looks like you have the breast cancer ribbon on your living room wall.

Random angle!


(Side note: these are stockings, not condoms, as someone was already confused)

On the phone with prince_eros.





(they just got their asses kicked in a song for the third time in a row)

I don't remember this one. She must have taken it.


The loser.


One more of blonde!Liz.

And one more of mostlydork!Andrea.

And that's it!
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