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Dork? Yes~

It's Halloween time on Webkinz so I sprung to buy lion and elephant costumes for Remus and James and I found the supersecretninja bee costume for Sirius. If I didn't find it, he would be a hippo.

I wish I had enough money to buy all the Halloween items but I probably won't be getting most of it. I already bought the sofa (or two, I guess, cause there's two in my inventory), the coffee table tomb, the gargoyle book shelf, elephant and lion costumes, gargoyle desk, one each of the gargoyle and tombstone chairs, a couple pumpkin pops and liquorice bats, the jack-o-side table (seen in the picture along with the tomb table), the haunted house wallpaper, and the mausoleum tv (even though I don't recall spending 900 on it...).

I definitely still want a few gothic and frightening lightning windows, the haunted dungeon gate (1800!? omg...), the haunted organ, the creepy bed, and the hippo costume.
Tags: imagery, kinzstuff
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