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Yay Pictures

I haven't posted pictures in a long time and I just emptied out my camera, so here's a buttload. ^^

This was soon after we brought him home without the cast on. We had to keep in in the cage to make sure he didn't run or jump around.

He hated it.

Sassy attacking Helix. He doesn't seem to care.

My posters over the shelf fell off the wall a few nights in a row and I didn't notice until about five minutes before I took this that Jae's face had been destroyed by cats. Only his face. Nobody else. I think my cats are Jae Won antis.

His body looked all squished like that for a few weeks after the cast came off.

Lulu ^^

This picture was taken by Pat in like 2005. It was still in the camera so I decided to share it.

This can't be new either seeing as that's the keyboard we had... two keyboards ago.

The newest poster (I've had it for like 1-2 months, though)

I didn't think the other picture showed just how huge and giant it was. So I took another. ^^

Lu destroying the cat tree.

Remus, the Webkinz I got for my birthday.

Remus and my mother's four Webkinz.

MP3 player I got for my birthday.

Lu and Helix in a box~

James, Sirius, and Remus

My mother decided that she didn't like the huge bed structure in my room so my father took a sledge hammer to it and I spent the weekend rearranging my room.

Bed gone.

Had to take all the pictures out of my cove...

This is a pile of crap that formed while the bed was being torn to pieces.

This is after I cleaned up the pile of crap. Still amused that Kangta shows up in every picture of my brother.

After we moved some of the furniture over to where the bed used to be.

The best thing about cleaning up my entire room? I found my Ben Jelen autograph.

We still have to put him in the cage overnight sometimes if he's limping a lot.

Lulu on my pillows and my monkey lamp~

Small story. All the lights were out and I felt movement beside the bed so I grabbed my camera and took a picture.

Picnic in the cemetery with Andrea. Diet coke with lime and cheddar fries.

Andrea. Hot fries.

Drinking water.

The view. I wish I had taken a picture of the ass tree.

Took this like an hour ago. I was on the way to the bathroom and he was passed out on the floor.

And made sure I knew he was there.
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