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I was tagged?

Every few months, someone tags me for this one. Though... I'm sure all of you know by now. ^^

Post the explanation of where your username came from. Then tag 10 users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged, post the explanation to your page.

When I first started wandering the eweb so many years ago, I was pressed for a username. My first had something to do with Woo Hyuk, though I forget it now... but my second, Oulan, is more important now anyway. At that time, everyone was still living out their video game love fantasies and using names that had something to do with their favorite games and characters (I knew like fourteen different Sephiroths) so I went that way, as well. Oulan is a badass bodyguard from Suikoden II. From the moment I recruited her, I never took her off my team. It was love, really. And ever since then, I've used the name almost everywhere and have been associated with it more times than I can count. Besides, there's nobody else out there using it... so I win.

Side note but not really, if you're interested in what she looks like:

Who do I tag? Nobody.
Tags: memeish tendencies
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