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I realized this morning, while redoing my yard in Webkinz, that I never posted anything about my first one, Remus.

I named him Remus because I'm a dork. Plus, I couldn't come up with anything else and I'd been reading a lot of SiriusxRemus fics. ANYWAY.

This is the cat couch you get when you adopt a persian cat Webkinz.

True to my dork nature, Remus is a neat freak and wears things like this. He's wearing: Argyle Sweater, Brown Corduroy Pants, Flip Flops, and the Retro Rainbow Belt. Sometimes he wears Eyeglasses and the Smart Sweater Vest.

His room never gets redecorated. It's been moved twice to make room for his roommates and I don't have the heart to change things around again.

I knew this was going to be his bed as soon as I saw it. It was just really fortunate that it had a whole matching bedroom set. ^^
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