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Chatlog for the masses

kigan06: its ok, men tend to get all snippy and defensive when women have more language skills than they do
kigan06: among other things
Brute Locke: hell, a biscuit has better language skills than him
kigan06: hmmmm biscuit
Brute Locke: heh heh
kigan06: i mean, yes, yes it probably does
Brute Locke: heh, tastes better too
Brute Locke: OH OWNED!
kigan06: lmao
kigan06: that was...unexpected
Brute Locke: of course
Brute Locke: biscuit may be more useful too
kigan06: depends on the guy
kigan06: in this case maybe yes
Brute Locke: definately
kigan06: but a biscuit cant compare to kyo or totchi
kigan06: i think we can agree
Brute Locke: oh hell no
Brute Locke: they squash biscuits worldwide
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