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I thought I was happy with one. I'm not. I was already starting to feel the need for more when I joined the webkinz community and say that everyone had more than me. I was like... "One? LAME, Liz..."

So I was at the mall yesterday and wandered into the Hallmark store. They had a large shelf covered in them. I almost cried. And so I spent the last hour deciding which ones I wanted.

More than any other one, I want the new black cat. I want to call him Sirius and he can live with Remus (my current webkinz) in happy gay cat bliss.

Next one I want is the raccoon. It just looks so cute and fluffy. Plus... you know... raccoons are super.

Platypus. There doesn't need to be a reason.

Because pandas are awesome and I don't think I have any panda plushes around.

I've always liked lions. Probably because I'm a Leo. I think this one would be awesome to have. Actually, I probably want the lion more than I want the panda.

I saw this one in the store and I almost could leave it there. If I had any less self control, I would have returned my other purchases and bought it.

Leopard. Because I know I'd want more kitties. ^^

So, those are the ones I want a lot... though I think I'd take any at this point. ^^ Oh, and the Lil'kinz are so cute, too! I'd like the cow, unicorn, frog... you know what? Any.

My mother has three that she's not using, a pug, a grey cat and a brown horse. But she's really lucky because she has the pegasus, which doesn't sell for less than like... $40.
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