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Charlotte and her dog are visiting. Usually, I can handle these two day visits pretty well, but this particular one came with a nasty surprise. Apparently, she can't bring her dog back with her because he pisses on the couch there. Lovely. I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, itchy eyes, and the worst congestion I've felt this far in my life without it being related to a cold.

Five good reasons why her dog shouldn't stay here?

1. I'm fucking allergic to it. It is physically painful to wake up when that dog is in the house. And she was like "I'll wash him before I leave" like that's going to do shit for me in another day or two. Allergic is allergic, dear Charlotte. You don't see me shoving plums down your throat on a regular basis simply because I can.

2. When the dog is here, we have to put a gate up on the stairs to keep him from getting up here and shitting in the bedrooms. Unfortunately for Liz, she is still recovering from her broken tailbone and doesn't really feel like bending low to open the gate every time she passes it. She also doesn't feel like stepping over it. Liz is fucked.

3. Cats on the kitchen counters. We can't keep the cat's food dish on the floor when the dog is here because he eats all of their food and gets fat and then Charlotte blames us for not taking care of him. Cats don't belong on the kitchen counters and it's not awesome walking in there to make some food and finding the cat food dish right there.

4. He eats / chews on EVERYTHING. I can't even count how many of my favorite or expensive things were destroyed by him. No, he doesn't come into my room anymore, but the hurt remains. My poor things.

5. Thomas can't do his regular chores, let alone take care of a dog, because I sure as fuck am not going out at all hours of the morning to walk a dog that I don't like and wake up in pain over. No fucking way. It's just not going to happen and it is totally unfair to ask me to do it.

BUT, since this is my mother we're talking about, OF COURSE the dog can stay here, despite the physical pain Liz is in. Lovely.
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