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LJ ate my entry from yesterday. Oh well. Guess it wasn't really all that important. Ayway, on to other things I desire talking about.

Some rants.

1. I hate that you decided I wasn't worth it anymore simply because I'm not in your control. I would never drop a friend simply because I found out they were doing something I didn't like. I can't even count on my two hands how many friends I have that are fans of Yunho, Hee Chul, Bin, or all three but I'm still their friend. Why? Because I don't need to control everything they do. This is why you have only two really devoted slaves asskissers followers "friends". I guess I'm kind of glad to get out of there... but it still hurts sometimes.

2. Throwing a single color layer on top of an oversharpened, badly cropped image does not equal "omgz amazing coloring". It equals an eternity of laziness, your head up your ass, a desire for attention, a complete lack of creativity and an unbelievable amount of trend-raping. It's frustrating that some of us try really hard to produce the best graphics/icons/whatever we can and people like you are still just bathing in the wonderful world of lazy shitgraphics.

3. Need. To kill. All DBSG fans. Rising.

I am super glad I have places to escape to. Like fics. And playing video games. Otherwise, I'd drop the whole assload of you and then where would I be?

Also, two people defriended me in the past three days without telling me why. This sort of behavior makes me all warm and fuzzy inside... of course, only if "warm and fuzzy" means "furious and homicidal".
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