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Fixing things

Redid the layout on reaper_in_acony... because I had to. It was running on a default layout with custom colors. I'd lost my pages of Acony, however and it took me like an hour to track down again. I won't lose them this time. Oh, and I redid some of the userinfo over there, too.

Also redid my Korean Music List and I think I'll spend my morning adding the other albums I have downloaded to it.

I guess the best news so far has to be that my birthday is tomorrow. My mother's still going to be on vacation for it, which isn't awesome, but me, Tom, and dad are going to Yen Yen for dinner and that's fun.

I also finished Harry Potter and I'm really kind of angry. The whole middle of the book, while informative, was very fucking boring. Also: Hedwig, Moody, Dobby, Lupin, Tonks, Fred, Snape WTF. If she'd killed any more people off, there wouldn't have been anyone to add to the epilogue... which was crap by the way. I would have preferred the entire book without it because it didn't really close as much of the story as it left dead and hanging. The book was good and for the end, it was great. But of all the books, it was by far the most disappointing and depressing.
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