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SYTYCD Top 16 & 14

I didn't write anything for the top 16, though I should have because they finally dropped that trash Jessi. ANYWAY. Here's what I have to say with downloads and all that fun stuff.

Top 16
I was so happy when I found out Jessi wasn't going to be performing on Wednesday. I was incredibly pleased when I saw sexy sexy Pasha dancing with the choreographer's assistant instead. I ended up voting for him a bunch of times, even though I hate Jessi, because he looked so sad at the end standing there all alone. Jessi was a bitch for doing that to him. On another sad note, Jesus left this week. I loved him so much. Fucking Neil. Ruins everything.

Group Perf
I think the group performances this year are pretty much hit or miss, and I really liked this one. It's just great to see so many dancers with different styles doing something so energetic and fun. I like it. Plus... guys grabbing onto each other. Hot.

Jesus & Sara - Krump
I always find it funny how most non-hiphop guys automatically become great at it if the female they're with is a hiphop dancer. Sara is amazing, and Jesus is just fantastic at everything he does. Actually, so is Sara. She's doing like... ballroom and shit... and doing it well. She's already become my favorite female dancer on the show and if a girl wins, I'd like it to be her. Or Jaimie. Anyway, this perf is just badass. They're so good together and its sad Jesus had to leave.

Hok & Jaimie - Jazz
Easily the best performance in the show so far. It's true that Wade pretty much played on what they could and couldn't do, but it was still so beautiful and I think they work so well together. People still say they have no chemistry. I say bah. I really like in this dance when they dance together perfectly, even though the rest of it seems like they're doing two separate dances.

Top 14
I was nervous after the performances this week because I was almost certain Hok would be going home. Cedric & Shauna and Hok & Jaimie were easily the two poorest performances of the evening, despite how hard both pairs tried. It just sucks getting stuck with bad dance styles. But Cedric and Sauna went home and I'm sad for Shauna but I am SO GLAD Cedric is gone.

Danny & Anya - Contemporary
This couple is so under appreciated. People either don't like them or they think they're okay. This is because there's an opinion around that Anya only got in because of Pasha and that ballroom dancers can't do solo dances. They also like to think Danny is very arrogant. He is, but I'd say its more confidence than arrogance. Anyway, I loved this performance. When Danny jumps he just turns into all legs. It's beautiful. He's such a good actor, too. And she's good at contemporary, too. I just like it.

Neil & Lauren - Jazz
Let me just say that I have been liking Lauren less and less every week and its really sad because when the top 20 started, I really liked her. There's a strong opinion within the watching community that is... Lauren is ignorant for creating an secret asian identity for herself. Personally? Don't give a shit. Neil, on the other hand, needs to knock the shit off and I am SO glad the judge threw in that bit about not needing too many tricks because HEY NEIL THAT WAS DIRECTED AT YOU AND YOUR SHITSTAIN SOLO LAST WEEK. On to the performance. Wade is a fucking weirdo. BUT, his routines are fucking awesome. He should just choreograph everything. Lauren running across the stage screaming = win forever.

Pasha & Sara - Swing
I almost shrieked when I saw Benji. They said West coast Swing and I was like "God, I hope Benji isn't watching them butcher this" but then there he was. The choreographer. Oh, Benji. How I love you so much more than your fat-assed sister. I was super worried about Sara because she's not exactly... this. But with Pasha there, she really can't lose. It was so awesome. Sometimes, from behind, Pasha looked like Benji because this routine just screamed Benji. Everything about it. The flips. The butt touching. It was great. I liked in the rehearsal clips when Pasha said he was trying to be cooler than cool and he looked so uncomfortable. Oh, Pasha. I love you. Marry me. I'll have your little sexy Russian babies.
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