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Angry? A little

Just got back from Harry Potter. I completely regret finishing my rereading the book last night. Completely. Tonks was wrong. The veil was wrong. WTF was up with Sirius fucking EVAPORATING through it? Did the writers even read the fucking book? It just figures that they fucked up the one death they physically couldn't fuck up. Blast him back, push him through the fucking curtain. That's it. That's all it fucking needs. BUT NO. LET'S PUT ANOTHER FOUR MILLION INTO THE BUDGET TO ADD THE EFFECT OF ONE OF THE SEXIEST MEN ALIVE EVAPORATING INTO A FOGGY CLOUD OF SHIT THAT WE TRY TO PASS OFF AS THE VEIL. AND LET'S NOT FORGET TO COMPLETELY FUCK OVER THE BEST SCENE FROM THE BOOK. Let's make Snape's memory a few flashes, not showing Lupin, of course, and completely butchering the story for anyone who hasn't read the book (and for some of those who have). I MEAN... IT'S ONLY HARRY POTTER. LET'S FUCK THE WHOLE THING UP AND SELL IT BECAUSE SOMEONE WILL BUY IT.

So. Overall, not pleased. Easily the most butchered of all the books. As a movie, and forgetting the book, it was pretty good. It was okay. At least Luna was good.
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