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I saw another Sam Neill movie this morning... "A Cry In The Dark" I think it was called. I love movies with him in it. Anyway, it was made in the 80's or something and was a true story about this baby that gets dragged away by a dingo and the mother goes to prison for like, five years because everyone thinks she's making up the dingo bit. Boring but sexy, if you know what I mean.

And I think I finally convinced my sister to like Dir en Grey. A while back I made it my quest to get someone in my family to understand what the hell I was talking about when I fall into that trance-like state and well... mission accomplished. I was talking to my brother about this dream I had about Die and Stephanie came up behind me and yelled out "TURF!" because, I guess she decided to claim Die... which isn't the best of choices, but whatever keeps her interested...

Oh and that reminds me. Some evil bitch on Audrey tried to tell me that the Diru boys weren't eye candy.

My Post:

Jeez, its like you think we don't respect them as artists or something.

Please, I personally always have people listen to their music before showing them what they look like. The fact that they are eyecandy doesn't take away from how much we like the music. It's just a bonus.

Her Post:

eyecandy....*walks off laughing hysterically*
don't get me wrong...sure they are gorgeous men...but...gah..
eyecandy is just...beneath them

For Reference:

eye candy
n. Informal
Someone or something that is visually attractive or pleasing to look at.

By definition, they are, in fact eye candy.
Thank you.
Case closed.

NOTE: I did show Juice the fellas first... actually I don't even think she's heard their music...
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