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Because a CERTAIN SOMEONE is always on my ass about posting them, I have a buttload of random pictures to share. When I say random, I mean... completely and totally fucking random.


My baby. This is a little older, cause he doesn't have the cast anymore.

He likes to climb up on my lap at the computer desk.

So lazy~

Baby Lu's lower lip is swollen. Pity her.

Sassy taking care of the baby.


My jewelry box.

Steph again. I like how this came out.

The baby in his cage. He's kept in there so he doesn't work his leg too much.

Yes, I'm a nerd.

One of the windows in my room.

My mother's van and the car I drive.

I have a camel in the car. His name is Niles.

The new flowers on the walkway.

The huge flower right under my window.

And that's it. ^^
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