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My favorite performances from this week (in no particular order). All of the couple perfs are of my favorite three female dancers on the show, Lauren, Jaimie and Sara. If a girl won, I'd like it to be one of them. PLUS, I think it was Travis who said Jaimie could be the first girl to win. A girl won't win, but if it was one of them, that would be cool.

If I was going to pick my top ten (like it might ever happen <.<), I'd say:
Guys: Hok, Kameron, Jesus, Neil, Danny (or Dom)
Girls: Lauren, Sara, Jaimie, Sabra, Anya
(not in order of preference, btw)

I think I'll just be happy if Lacey and Jessi don't get into the top ten. Lacey is an okay dancer, but they're throwing her up against Benji a lot, and let's face it... she's not her brother. Jessi is just a bad dancer who used gimmicks to win over the judges. I'd say she should have left last night, but Faina really did suck. Here's hoping she leaves next week.

Also, Jimmy would have been on my top ten list, but they totally fucked him over last night. Cedric should be gone. Cedric should be gone. Cedric should be gone.

ANYWAY. On to the performances that I liked.

Top 18 - Intro
I'm including this because I thought it was cute that Lauren and Hok did the same hand thing. Plus, it's all the proof that I need that Jessi should be shot a few times gone next week for sure.

Hok & Jaimie - Samba
I think they did such a good job considering the fact that they've never done this before. If any of you can recall Ivan's Salsa from last season (the one earlier on, since I can't remember if it was another Salsa that he kicked the shit out of some weeks later or some other latin dance)... Think of that, then watch this. Hok is sexy. More hips? If he threw any more hip out there, he'd have knocked Jaimie out. I just like it. I voted for them like ten times.

Jesus & Sara - Paso Doble
Here's another one of those "they don't usually do this so it's awesome" situations. I totally agree with the majority of the world in regards to the music. It's bad. Sara looks so scared during some parts of it, most likely because she's probably afraid of falling flat on her ass in those shoes. And Jesus can be so sexy sometimes... when his mouth isn't hanging open, affectively making him look slightly retarded. He's such a passionate dancer and I would love to see him in the top ten.

Neil & Lauren - Hip-Hop
Haha, he reminds me so much of a slightly less cool JT. I'm kind of sad that they didn't use Lauren as much as they used Neil. I'm afraid that she isn't going to get the fans because they won't highlight her in the dances. That aside, I think this is one of the better performances of the night. They work really well together and I think they'll go pretty far in the competition.
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