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SYTYCD Perfs to Note

There were some pretty awesome performances this week, and since I have obtained them, I will share them. ^^

Lacey & Kameron - Contemporary
Let me just throw it out here. In a world where Liz is in charge, Hok wins the whole thing. But since this is reality, I'd like to say Kameron will get pretty fucking far. I don't want Lacey to win, though. And really, it's only because Benji won last year. Nothing against her, I'm just sore that Benji won when Travis should have. ANYWAY. This was like the best performance of the night.

Jaimie & Hok - Hip-Hop
I am so glad she didn't fuck this up. White girls doing hip hop on this show USUALLY suck the big one, but she has a hip hop ass, so it's all good. Plus, you know... Hok. My second favorite performance, but I voted for them because I was pretty sure Lacey and Kameron were going to be the favorite. And because I didn't want Hok to go in the first week. That's just embarassing.

Jesus & Sara - Pop-Jazz
Wade Robson is a fucking nutbag, but I love his routines. Honestly, I like his group dances more, but this one was really good, too. Their expressions alone make this so awesome. I like these two and I hope they go far in the show.

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Top 20 Group)
This is such a good way to open up the group dances for this season. Like I said before, Wade is fucked in the head. But his choreography is just... awesome. There is no other word for it. Though, I couldn't tell which girl was which at all because of the wigs. Still looks good.
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