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Why life sucks this week

Sunday morning = 1 hour of sleep
Sunday night / Monday morning = 2 hours of sleep
Monday afternoon = 2 hours of sleep
Monday evening = 1 hour of sleep
Tuesday morning = 20 minutes of sleep

The vet said it was possible (likely) that his arm could heal if we leave it how it is, though it will heal crooked. And if it doesn't heal, he can amputate it for a lot less than it will cost to repair it.

He can't be left alone because he likes to jump up and wander off. He's doing a good job of hobbling about, but it's so annoying to deal with. It's so hard to tell what the problem is when he cries. He could be in pain. He could need to use the litter box (which is a treat in itself because he poops on himself and needs to be cleaned up). He could be hungry or thirsty. Sometimes he cries when he sees another cat and he just wants to go lay with them for a little bit. Sometimes he cries when he just wants to be held for a little bit or he doesn't like the position he's laying in or he wants to look at new things or he's too hot or too cold and would like to feel better, please.

And then sometimes he cries because he shifted wrong on the arm and hurts a lot. But we're low on his pain medicine so instead of one half pill every 8 hours like he needs and wants, he gets one half pill every 12 hours. This doesn't seem like too much of a difference, but if you've ever had a serious injury like this, you know how much and often you need pain medicine.

He's going back to the vet on Friday so the doctor can wrap the arm tighter and (hopefully) give us a lot more medicine for him.

Today my mother had me try this new thing with him. I wrap this scarf underneath his chest to hold him up a little and help him walk. Just now, I helped him walk to the bathroom. Through the hallway, he was kind of dragged a little. I had to show him that, yes, this is what he wanted. As soon as he was in the bathroom, he all but ran to the litter box and peed.

He's playing and purring and just generally being active. I'm glad he's healthy, aside from the obvious and immediate problem, but I wish he'd stay still so he can heal faster. I hope to have a long nap this afternoon.
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