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1 AM this morning

Twice Remoon = The Liz

Twice Remoon: my baby is hurt
oLeeTeuko: kitty no! why? how?
Twice Remoon: a ladder fell on him
oLeeTeuko: T^T OMG
Twice Remoon: we just got back from bringing him to the hospital
oLeeTeuko: is he going to be okay?
Twice Remoon: he's in this huge padding cast
Twice Remoon: his leg is broken
Twice Remoon: he needs surgery

oLeeTeuko: TT^TT baby kitty
Twice Remoon: $2000 surgery
Twice Remoon: that we can't afford
oLeeTeuko: but but, why so much?
Twice Remoon: because we don't have a choice
oLeeTeuko: there isnt anywhere else that can do it for cheaper?
Twice Remoon: I'm gonna call our normal doctor in the morning to find out
oLeeTeuko: kitty T^T
oLeeTeuko: that makes me sad
Twice Remoon: I cried all the way home
oLeeTeuko: -hugs- that makes me even more sad!
Twice Remoon: I had to hold him for the 45 minute drive up there
oLeeTeuko: how did a ladder fall on him?
Twice Remoon: he kept whining and falling asleep
Twice Remoon: its always falling and my father left it out after painting
Twice Remoon: the kitten was just playing at the base, we think
Twice Remoon: we weren't there, we just heard it
oLeeTeuko: T^T
Tags: the logs of chat, very personal
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