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For those of you who matter

So, I've mentioned to a few of you that I'd make you layouts, but I can't remember who you all are, so here is this post. For those of you who I have made offers to or have suggested layouts to me, comment here with the necessary information. "The necessary information" includes images (unless you don't have any or want me to choose), lyrics if you don't want me to choose, color schemes if you have an idea what you want, changes from the last layout I made you (if I have, and this includes changes to the side bar like... links and the like) and if I haven't made one for you before, I'll need to know what you want in the sidebar, if you need a F/O banner and default icon made to match, and anything else I need to know. I promised Mica she would be next after I did Setsu's and my own so the list will start with her.

And if there's anyone else on my friends list who sees this and wants one of my masterful layouts, ask and I might say ok if I don't feel too overwhelmed.

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