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This hurts Liz

Now, in some ways this may look like I'm overreacting, but I don't think I am.

Today there was a post at asianpopsecret that may or may not have ruined my reputation as a Heechul non-supporter. I believe this to be so because even before I signed onto AIM, three people confronted me about whether or not a certain banner was mine. My first reaction was confusion, then, after looking, my reaction was more like one of extreme embarassment because the maker of that banner unknowingly set me up for a whole lot of unhappiness.

After signing onto AIM, I was asked twice more before I decided this had to be stopped. I would understand the situation's hilarity more had I, in fact, made that banner, but seeing as I didn't and people just assume it's mine makes me wonder how many people actually think I like Heechul. This is painful and I wish it to stop.

So no... for those of you who assume it is mine, it is not. I have always been pretty clear about my preferences when it comes to certain celebrities and even though there was a time where I would have actually said something like that, that time is not now.

Overall, I suppose it's not SO bad. Though, I would have preferred the banner that destroyed my reputation to be of better quality. Call me picky.
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