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Why Everyone Should See The Kasumi PV At Least Once:

*Ahem* I'm here today to talk about Dir en Grey's song "Kasumi"... more specifically, the PV that goes with it (this topic mainly because I have nothing else to talk about right now). I think everyone should see this PV at least once in their lives. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. First off, it is one fine ass song. I woke up three mornings ago humming the chorus... mind you, its in Japanese so I have no fucking clue what the hell he's saying or even what it means (but if I really really HAD to know, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard) so really it was just the tune. Anyway, its catchy. Second, and possibly most important, from the 3 minute (3:00) point on, it is total HOTZONE. Now, I have never been one to think of Kyo has "hot" or "foxy" but believe me, in this situation he leaves nothing to be desired. I think the only part of the video that makes me upset/concerned/worried is when it shows Kaoru playing on my baby in a tank of water and Ganesa is literally and inch and a quarter from the surface of the water and at one point I think the beauty actually becomes partially submerged. But that's such a small thing compared to the rest of the good stuff. So yeah, I reccomend this one to EVERYONE.
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