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From the front page of the site:

THIS JUST IN: frank wants to tell you all that Permanent Accounts are going on sale in June!

Permanent Accounts have all the great features of a Paid Account, plus 10 GB of storage, the maximum number of userpics and you'll never have to worry about making a payment again! They only go on sale once every year or two and the sale only lasts a very short time.

Why not graduate to a Permanent Account? Frank wanted to tell you in advance that the sale is coming so you could make plans and save up if you need to. You'll pay one fee (it will be $150 again this time around) to enjoy LiveJournal 4 Life.

(from my account info page)

(my my profile)

I said I'd let you guys know when they plan to sell the accounts again. So here. ^^
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