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Well it was funny when it happened

I fell yesterday.

I was walking out of my home, slipped on the ice on the front steps, and just went down. Right after I fell, the only obvious hurt I had was the split on my left palm. A couple of hours later, my abdomen on the lower right side started to ache. I was mentally brough back to the hellish ordeal that took place when I was thirteen. My mother eased my fears none as she told me your appendix can grow back.

Anyway, so I decided the ache was because of the fall. I fell on my back so maybe I had bruised something inside. I told her that if it didn't go away by today, I would have a long soak in the tub, rest some, and hopefully allow the bruising to heal. Plus, we all know that bruises always hurt more the day after. And besides, I'm on the rag so that might be contributing.

It doesn't hurt worse today... it just seems like it does. This is because every inch of my back is sore and stiff. My shoulders and arms are the same. Getting out of my bed sucked major hardcore suckass balls. Now that I think about it and feel around, the pain in my abdomen is closer to my hips, but not the bone. So, since it hurts the most when I lift that leg up, I'm thinking I might have pulled a muscle or something.

I don't know. I just hope it gets better.
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