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Camwhore Liz?

I've become such a camwhore. I can't stop. And it sucks cause I'm not all that attractive. I mean, I would have sex with me, but I can't speak for the rest of the world. ANYWAY. Pictures. And a few of my suff. And the new kittens.

All the babies chilling out.

George-Claw'd burrowing between me and the blankets. He's a gem.


My swell shoes and socks.

All my beautiful Haiku lovelies living in the back of my closet. Yes, two boxes. I like to keep myself stocked.

Bathroom mirror. Very random. I like it.

Groping Kang In. The bandaid is covering my battle wound. It's an open, gaping blister sore from where I cooked my hand on the oven. Go Liz.

This picture is made of win.

My giant puffy top hat. I wanted a picture of myself wearing it... but it's too giant.
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