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Another Update (with pictures)

I know I just updated, but now I have pictures! Of kitties!
A bunch of them!

The boys: Fred, Charlie, and George-Claw'd

Closer up on Fred

George-Claw'd always takes pictures from the side. And there's Itchy moving up on the right.

Fred, Itchy and Lu... Their eyes were all really creepy in these pictures. In all the baby pictures I've ever taken, I've never seen radioactive blue eyes.

George-Claw'd and his poor little deformed feet.

Charlie just chilling. Steph in the back.

Fred and George.

Yet another George-Claw'd side shot.

The whole crew passed out.

There are two additional pictures I took today that I'm not sharing here. The first is of Stephanie. She says she doesn't want me posting pictures of her on my journal anymore because of comments friends of mine have given me about her. The other is a a secret one of Liz. It's so secret, it's naughty. If you want to see either of these, you have to IM me.
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