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More Pictures~

I took some pictures of the new babies and a few of my closet after I cleaned up my room some. I put more stuff up.

So... 12 new pictures, including my masterful cow pants.

The whole crew and Lu.
The names have been changed a bit. Charlotte wanted to name one of the twins Charlie but my mother and I were like <.< no, so she named the grey one (previously Mulder) Charlie. And the little callico girl is now Itchy.

Baby George. His eyes are open, you just can't tell.

Baby Charlie. His eyes were the last to open, but when I took this picture, they were still closed.

Itchy, Fred and creepy Lu peeking in there.

Inside my newly organized closet. Check out all my haiku products back there. CDs, letters, diet cola. And to the far right, the cast I wore in the 6th (maybe 5th?) grade, sealed away cause it's not great smelling.

Various mailed objects from bulgocrazyi, prince_eros, hoyah, and _se7enteen.
More people should send me things.
hoyah's was a KangTeuk fic that makes me cry every time I read it. Really.

I finally found a use for my H.O.T binder sheets. Wallpaper for the inside of my closet. And Setsu's art is up there too.

Closer up on that.

A little further down.

A hot candyland blonde.

My brother's brilliant grammar moment.
For more information on the meaning of this board --> look here

Cow pants.

Alright, that's all.
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