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Last weekend I went to see Ghost Rider. It was good. I say good because I'll probably see it again, but I'll never list it in my top twenty favorite movies. But it was good. Nice effects. Well put together. Nick Cage is a sex god.

On Friday, I went to see The Number 23. Originally we had gone to see The Messengers but when we got there, we changed our minds. The Number 23 baffled me. I didn't/couldn't predict any of it. Every time I thought I figured it out, I was mother fucking WRONG. The only part I kind of got was when he went to visit the guy in prison and I leaned over to say to Steph, "The guy doesn't fit the killer in the book, he fits the guy who got put away just for showing up" and then after that nothing. Because it was so baffling and unpredictable, I really enjoyed it. I get bored when I can predict the movie, which is often. I hate that so much sometimes. But yeah, the movie was great and if you were down to seeing this or Ghost Rider, go see The Number 23... though both are good.

And yesterday, for reasons unknown, I had an urge to watch Mirrormask so I downloaded it and enjoyed it. Movies are treating me nice lately.

Also, a question I presented to Meggy yesterday, why doesn't Liz have a music rotation journal, hmm??
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