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A Few Orders of Business

Well, first, I've been playing Corum like non-stop. Even when I'm supposed to be RPing. Playing the game. I took a few more caps.

Relaxin' and pimpin'. Three hot archer chicks were sitting around him at one point. I hate that I couldn't cap that.

Finally got the ability to summon. This is the first one. All it really does is distract enemies... but sometimes, that's all you fucking need.

My new girl cause I wanted to know if it was too much harder to level for the other classes. It's not. People are stupid.

If any of you actually do end up playing, you should give me your SN so we can play~

Also, I made a few more slutty photomanips. One is Bae Seul Gi so idiots who randomly come here to bitch won't think I'm doing it out of hate.

And that's pretty much all I have to share with you guys this time.

I've been in a total funk lately.
People should make me Woo things.
Tags: imagery, shit i handle, trufax, v. games
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