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Return of the Asshole

Gay Ass

Svvord HoIder: hey
Brute Locke: *eyebrow*
Svvord HoIder: wh the eyebrow
Brute Locke: "wh"?
Brute Locke: going for "why"?
Svvord HoIder: yea wgy the eyebrow
Brute Locke: It's a gesture, raising one's eyebrow in question or curiousness
Brute Locke: Most people with normal facial functions can do it
Svvord HoIder: so whats new
Brute Locke: sharing Geddoe pictures with a fan
Svvord HoIder: oh sounds fun
Brute Locke: You wouldn't understand, you're a guy
Svvord HoIder: i have been applying to jobs like crazy
Brute Locke: party
Svvord HoIder: at least i try
Brute Locke: what are you insinuating?
Svvord HoIder: nothing nothing at all
Brute Locke: then?
Svvord HoIder: how sit been with out me there
Brute Locke: "how sit" seriously, man, at least try
Svvord HoIder: hows it been with out me there
Brute Locke: we have food all the time, thats how it is
Svvord HoIder: funny
Brute Locke: I usually am
Svvord HoIder: does anyone ask where i am
Brute Locke: Nope, nobody cares
Brute Locke: My mother asked a few days ago
Brute Locke: but then we dropped the conversation when I turned the radio up
Svvord HoIder: yea what ever
Brute Locke: "whatever" is the spelling there
Svvord HoIder: who gives a flying fuck
Brute Locke: I do
Svvord HoIder: what ever
Brute Locke: "whatever"
Svvord HoIder: what ever
Brute Locke: You're just instigating now
Svvord HoIder: hey
Svvord HoIder: yup but what ever
Brute Locke: what?
Svvord HoIder: what ever
Brute Locke: Holy shit you are the most clever person I've ever met
Brute Locke: How can I even hope to compare to you?
Brute Locke: I mean, this whole time I've out-witted you completely by chance?
Brute Locke: It had nothing to do with the fact that my IQ is at least double yours?
Svvord HoIder: u cant so stop trying
Brute Locke: Wow
Svvord HoIder: no not even close
Brute Locke: I'm surprised, to say the least
Svvord HoIder: right
Brute Locke: How didn't I see it?
Svvord HoIder: if your iq is so high then get a job and stop being lazy
Brute Locke: Getting a job has nothing to do with IQ
Svvord HoIder: for u it does
Brute Locke: How is it different for me?
Svvord HoIder signed off at 7:21:28 PM.
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