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Corum Online

On the 15th, Gpotato began Corum's open beta. Liz couldn't resist. I really like Flyff and always wanted to try out the other games Gpotato offered, but never had space. So I decided to try this new one.

I really like it. It's new so most of the players are kind of meh about it and don't act elitest and stupid. Everyone's just running around and leveling up like nuts. So I picked the class that looked best, Summoner, only to find that all the other classes like to bitch about Summoners constantly, blame them for all the KSing going on, and generally just like to place all of the world's problems right there.

Whatever. Summoners rule.
Moving on.

I made screencaps~

Gear, stats, and skills. I'm so into making magic tanks.

Konuon being mean with the skills. Some people on the forums say the Summoners get too much power early on. I say they're just being bitter because they picked a shitty class.

Big damage for level 16, I hear. Or maybe that was when he was 15. I don't remember.

I was trying to regenerate my SP and sitting in the middle of this huge area and this other, better-looking badass summoner came up and sat down right near me. It was pretty awesome. I felt like I was in the presence of greatness or something.

I was just messing around and killing things and that same badass summoner came up and stood right next to me. I was like... There's a whole dungeon... it's getting creepy now...

Badass, myself, and two lesser summoners putting the hurt on some ugly blue fish.

Aaaaand my boy doing awesome things again.

So that's it.
I think people should download and play it with me.
It's free~
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