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Some kinda old, some brand new from today... all totally random... and there's two of me in there, yay~

I know how rare those are around here <.<
Just enjoy it.

This is a few months old. It's our lawn and up the street.


Steph on Christmas.

My daddy on Christmas. He's super groovy. This picture is proof enough that bunny ears never get old. Or... is it proof they DO get old?

What we did to my brother's head.

Super Junior~ They're finally on my walls thanks to Setsu, who sent it to me. This is a few weeks old... they've actually been up for like a month or something.

The baby chilling in a basket.

I like the way this picture looks. The baby and the mommy.

My back yard at 6:30 am.

Now for the new new pictures.

Poster I bought at the concert. It got smooshed when they came on stage cause I freaked out and dropped it, but it still looks ok.

What will be the new kitchen floor. It's being pulled up for those grey/blue tiles to go down. Snowflake jammies~

Psycho. Taken without the flash so his eyes show perfect.

Another one of him bothering me while I'm making lunch.


The back of Steph's head.

Steph from this morning.


Steph in the bathroom.

Steph and Chud.
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