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Tell you what

It is unwise to remind Liz of just how many friends she's losing to that dumb cunt Stephanie as soon as she fucking wakes up.

haengbok05: XD well, you seem to be in a good mood. ^^ trying to break me and steph's record for how many <3's you can fit into a conversation?
haengbok05: <33333333333 <3 <3 8D
Degac Creep: no...
Degac Creep: honestly I don't care how many <3s you guys fit into a conversation
Degac Creep: if I cared any less, I could choke and die and care even less in the afterlife
haengbok05: o-o
haengbok05: i was joking you silly sod
Degac Creep: I wasn't

I'm gonna go stab myself a few times.
Right in the neck.
That should be fun.
Tags: cuntflaps, the logs of chat
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