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I went outside with Stephanie yesterday... it was very odd indeed. We ented up walking around the house a few times comparing the higher points of Toshiya and Tom Felton... we are such girls.

So I realized my "Shinya is a Whimp" clip is really just like a drug. Sure, every time I watch it, I can't help but laugh, and that makes my mood change dramatically... but doesn't that just cover things up? Now every time I feel angry, upset, scared, sick, evil, not-so-evil, semi-evil, bitchy, tired, or any other negative-like feeling, I watch it and I'm happy again. That, my friends, is what we call a drug. I may not be snorting it up my nose, but I can be anywhere at anytime and insist on getting on the computer to watch it whenever something bad happens.

^---- Crazy Person

Redid my team page on OFG to accomodate more Dir en Grey... I should really just put together a Dir en Grey site... *wonders about the template*... might take me some time, tho... cause you know, template, background, content... its all serious work.

Team Page:

You can actually DL the Shinya is a whimp clip from there, which is interesting, because I feel everyone should watch it. is very anal about non-IE users downloading it tho... so if its what you truely want to do, you'll have to risk the evils of IE.
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