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Mmm... Woo

So I was pretty bored, not much to do, uploading some requested ablums and waiting for the next episode of Tsubasa to load, and I went looking at random videos on youtube. One thing led to another and I was watching Woo videos. When this one popped up, I immediately watched it, since I think I might have lost my cut of it the last time the computer got formatted... And this has to be one of my favorite Xman performances ever. (I think the winner might be the newer one where he performed Mr. Jackson... Yunho's expression of "Shit, that's cool as FUCK" is worth watching the WHOLE show.) Personally, I like his dances from Love Letter more, but Woo is Woo and is always sexy.

You guys can watch it now, even if you already have. It's good enough to see again.

I love MC Yoo. He's so in love with every member of H.O.T and it's funny.

Side Note: I don't like that every Flip Reverse video on youtube is a thumbnail of HyeSkank.
Tags: chotitimes, roll the reel, trufax
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